Krakonos Tour

Through the world of Krakonos
[63km/1775m; MTB]

Within living memory, people living in this region believed in the mountain spirit Krakonoš. Supposedly his home is a valley below the Snezka, the region’s highest mountain (1602m). Krakonoš protects the honest people against exploiters and annoys hikers with bad weather. His muses are the animals, the trees and all other plants that he protects against greedy and destructive individuals. Although Krakonoš can take good care of himself, every now and then human still manage to cause damage to his realm.

We go on a roundtrip through his realm - but of course we will only use the tracks he has given is permission to. Let’s go and keep your eyes open.

You should pay attention to how nature changes while you pedal up from the valleys. Everything is perfectly laid out by Krakonoš: He knows that deciduous trees like to grow at the mountains’ feet (and he seems to like beeches). Halfway up he placed the firs and on the high plateaus where the winds blow and the soil is moist, he grows dwarf pine, grasses and peat bog. Up there, on the rocky peaks he takes pride in every blade of grass, every patch of moss and every lichen that manages to survive here. And above all resides the majestic Snezka peak. During the last ice age this mountain was formed by glaciers, which on its northern edge also left moraines and glacial lakes. There, on the plateaus with their typically Nordic climate we also find botanic visitors from the Scandinavian flora and fauna: The Blackberry, the mulberry or the nightingale.

Krakonoš also has a private herbal garden where he grows rare and precious herbs. But to the present day nobody has ever found it.

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