"LPG"(agricultural production cooperative) Tour

An "agricultural" excursion
[40km/691m; Trek]

Probably only the elders will remember the days of the LPGs. Many private farmers had to give up their farms and leave them to authorities that had only little knowledge about farming. A lot of LPGs weren’t able to generate profits and wasted resources. Most of the field cart roads, for example, were needlessly bituminised. But today though, we can take advantage of this large number of tarred roads, which make perfect car free bicycle lanes leading through fields and meadows, offering great views on the Krkonose Mountains. Those lanes often connect valleys in the foothills. Don’t be alarmed when you find, that most of these tracks literally start and end in the stables and production facilities of LPGs.

Starting in Vrchlabi we bike along the Rumlovka, connecting Vrchlabi and Lanov. The road’s name actually refers to rum - drunkards used to take this route to avoid the main road on their way home. Between Lanov and Fors we pass under an 8 km mining ropeway that moves limestone from the Cerny Dul surface mine to Kunice where it’s processed. Later we cross an abandoned runway for agricultural aircrafts. The section between Arnultovice and Prosecne yields the most beautiful views on the mountains.

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Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií a Královéhradeckým krajem