KJ 100
Krakonošova 100: 100 km

KJ 80
Krakonošova 100: 80 km

KJ 35
Krakonošova 100: 35 km

Krakonosova 100

The Krakonosova 100 has a long tradition in the Giant Mountains. For more than 40 years the K100 not only saw walking-tours of 10, 25, 55 and 100km but also 25 km and 100 km bicycle tours through the mountains (with or without MTBs???). This year the K100 will be part of our Bike-Festival. Unfortunately the K100 Website is in Czech only.

You can register by a registration form or prior to the start at the market square in Vrchlabí.

The bicycle tours have a time limit (very generously dimensioned). They start in Vrchlabí, proceed through the upper regions of the Giant Mountains National Park and loop back to Vrchlabí again.

Participants will only be given a simple map, so you should consider bringing you own biking map.
Cyclists must wear a helmet and the participation is at everyone’s own risk.
The 25km course is also suitable for families with children.

Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií a Královéhradeckým krajem