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Petr, "the mountain goat"
Born 1961 in As (Eger), Czech Republic.
As a far-travelled Doctor of Mathematics and mountaineer,
he was biking long before the word "Mountain Bike" came into existence. Member of the board of the Giant Mountains’ tourism association ZPK.
Petr is a guide also in Albania, in the Ural, in Nepal and in Tibet.
He sees the bike as a means of transportation to get easily acquainted to a country and its people.
The Giant Mountains are dear to his heart and they feel like home to him. Every free minute he will spend walking or biking in the mountains.
He speaks Czech, English, Russian and some German.
email: Petr, "the mountain goat"
the mountain goat
Martina, "the sunshine"
Born 1982 in Vrchlabi (Hohenelbe), Czech Republic/Krkonose.
She is a jolly travel guide, skiing instructor and jeweller, and she’s always good for a laugh.
As a Krkonose native and guide she literally knows every stone by name.
She loves exercising in the fresh air and is happy with every guest who enjoys his or her vacation. But most of all she likes working as a bike-guide. Martina speaks Czech, German, English, Russian and some Spanish. And she will brush up her Hebrew during the coming season.
email: Martina, "the sunshine"
the sunshine
Born 1982 in Vrchlabi (Hohenelbe), Czech Republic/Krkonose.
Skirace trainer of the Czech national team.
During the Winter season he dashes around the world from one ski world cup to the next.
In the summer he settles for a couple of ski-tests up on the glaciers. The rest of his time he spends biking and bike racing. Milos very much enjoys being a Giant Mountains guide. He knows everybody and he always has the latest local news and gossip.
Milos speaks Czech, German and English.
email: Milos
Ingo "Lotex"
Born 1968 in Sebnitz, Germany.
He has been a professional ever since he started bicycling. He is an athlete, (has won more than 300 trophies in a variety of disciplines), multiple GDR-champion and record holder, multiple champion of Saxony and Bavaria, MTB-national-league cyclist and a true race-bike master.
Co-initiator and guide of the TransOst-tour.
Ingo speaks German and some English and Czech. Sports are his life. To fascinate people and to pass on motivation and assistance to young talents is his true passion.
He knows the Giant Mountains since his childhood vacancies.
email: Ingo "Lotex"
Josef Zeleny "Giuseppe Verdi"
Born 1947 in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.
"Mister Seleni" is a Giant Mountains tour guide ever since he can think - he is a walking Krkonose-book. His passion is to ride the trekking-bike - that’s why he doesn’t need a car.
Be it the Elbe-bikeway from its spring to the North Sea or criss-cross through the Giant Mountains, fit as a fiddle he keeps biking with the young and the young at heart.
He speaks Czech, German, English and Russian (of course).
email: Josef Zeleny "Giuseppe Verdi"
Giuseppe Verdi
Born 1973 in Vrchlabi (Hohenelbe), Czech Republic/Krkonose.
She is a German-teacher at the high school in Vrchlabi, orienteering-athlete, well-travelled and always good for a laugh.
Lucka stays fit on the bike and she enjoys the company of people biking through the mountains.
She speaks Czech, German and English.
email: Lucka
Martina "Šnaky"
Born 1981 in Vrchlabi (Hohenelbe), Czech Republic/Krkonose.
She works as a key account manager, where she is the boss’s right hand, and as Nordic- Walking instructor. She also is the caring mistress of a crazy Irish Setter named "Lasko", many visitors that have hiked through the Giant Mountains with her will surely recall.
Martina also guides lady-groups and und relax-bikers through the Giant Mountains foothills.
She organises the transfers, books accommodations and drives the "sweeper bus". Besides that she paints the most beautiful flowerpots in the whole of the Czech Republic. She speaks Czech, German and English.
email: Martina "Šnaky"
Christian "Greis"
Born 1969 in Munich, Bavaria (Germany).
Member of the board of the Giant Mountains’ tourism association ZPK.
He came to the Giant Mountains as an entrepreneur and biker in 2001. Asked, "What’s a Bavarian doing in the Giant Mountains?" he will simply answer: "Well, yes, I just like it here". He used to be amateur street-biker in his younger days and recently has rediscovered biking after a long break. But his time it’s the MTB. His bike is top notch, not least because it has to save on his excess weight...
He thinks of everything, carries anything in his rucksack that might come in handy on the road, and has every Giant Mountain-tour stored in his head and legs. The Giant Mountains and tourism are his passion. He will give everything to have his guests enjoy their holidays and the local tours.
Christian speaks German, English and some Czech and Greek.
email: Christian "Greis"

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