Závod do vrchu
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The 500m and 2,5km mountain-sprints are open single races with time measurement.
Races start at the Augustinian-Monastery in Vrchlabi in one-minute intervals.
Age groups:
Children up to 14,
girls up to 18,
boys up to 18,
female adolescents up to 21,
male adolescents up to 21,
women up to 30,
men up to 30,
women up to 50,
men up to 50,
women up to 99,
men up to 99,
The 500m track ends at the checkpoint behind the bridge over the ring road to Tri Domi.
The 2,5 km track leads to the time checkpoint at the Knicika Chalupa.
Anyone registered to the Bike Festival is entitled to participate. Participation is at one’s own risk. The organizer is not liable for any damage of property or physical injury.
You’ll need a fully functional bicycle, a helmet, gloves, an air pump, a “minitool” and a bottle of water.

Havex-Marathon (Havex-Cup)
Entry fee is 150 CZK (5,50 Euro)
No licence necessary.
Detailed participation requirements will follow within the next days.

Anyone can spontaneously participate.
Separate ranking for women and men.
Contestants have to throw a bicycle with the power of their own muscles. The one who reaches the longest distance is the winner.

Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií a Královéhradeckým krajem